Our Markets

Hornbeam is unique in the industry with our focus on the commercial warranty market.  We are an insurance company capable of providing licensed obligor services and contractual liability insurance solutions for the commercial market.  Our team provides the experience and expertise to structure a warranty or service program that fits your corporate strategy, whether you’re a third-party administrator, a manufacturer, or retailer.  Hornbeam supports the following commercial solutions that can differentiate your product, strengthen your warranty, and improve your financial statement.”

  • Warranty Insurance to strengthen or lengthen the limited warranty offering on your product offering.
  • Deferred Liability Insurance to cover the obligations of longer-term service, support, or warranty provided with your products.
  • Performance Guarantee designed to guarantee, not just the product, but service and value you provide your customers.






Warranty and Service Contract Solutions

Our team has significant expertise in the warranty and service contract industry. We help clients by aiding them in the navigation of the complex regulatory and compliance landscape. We can assist you in building programs that help you meet your financial goals.

If you are a manufacturer, retailer or other entity whose strategy is to sell service contract programs on a regional or national basis, we can provide you with solutions such as: 

  • Regulatory and Compliance
  • Underwriting
  • Insurance structure
  • Risk mitigation
  • Cost control and claims adherence

Home Services

Homes are getting smarter and so are the owners.  

Advancements in technology and the increase in connected products has lead to sensitivity around data being collected and shared. Consumers have a higher expectation for their information to be protected in addition to their home products running properly. The traditional home warranty just doesn’t cut it.

That’s why Hornbeam focuses on developing solutions that can accommodate the rapidly changing home warranty market. We bring unique insurance coverages to the table to help our clients meet today’s consumers needs.

Let us help you build a comprehensive home service program that stands out from the rest.

Specialty Insurance Products

Emerging technology continues to influence our everyday lifestyle, therefore, it’s necessary for insurance products and protections to evolve.

Hornbeam has a fresh approach when it comes to developing specialty insurance products. We analyze consumer behavior and its intersection with the key trends in product engagement to develop innovative insurance and protection solutions.

Build stronger relationships with your consumers by making their lives easier. Some examples of specialty insurance products may include:

  • Identity protection
  • Cyber protection
  • Event insurance
  • Affinity programs

Commercial Partners

If you are a commercial client, we can meet your unique needs for insurance and obligor services. We will help you to solve for complex accounting rules, support new technology, and offer consumer product performance guarantees. Our focus is to provide you with solutions that will help you to differentiate your business, strengthen the consumer’s warranty experience, and improve your financial statement.

  • Warranty Insurance to strengthen or lengthen the warranty offering on your commercial product offering.
  • Deferred Liability Insurance to cover the obligations of longer term warranty provided by our clients.
  • Performance Guarantee designed to guarantee, not just the product, but the value your product provides your customers.

Let’s build a program together.

Hornbeam Insurance Company is not licensed in all states. Please contact us for current license status and information regarding potential opportunities in your state.