About Us

Hornbeam is a property casualty insurance company and is affiliated with American Life and Accident Insurance Company of Kentucky. American Life was founded in 1906, serving the life insurance market within the United States. Hardscuffle Inc., a holding company, is the parent of both American Life and Hornbeam.

Ms. Nana Lampton, Chair of Hardscuffle Inc., founded Hornbeam Insurance to focus on the warranty and specialty insurance markets.

The name “Hornbeam” refers to a type of tree known for its steady and sturdy foundation for further growth.

Building upon the strong foundation of American Life, our vision is for Hornbeam to deliver innovative and unique insurance solutions within the warranty industry.

Nana Lampton, Chair of Hardscuffle Inc.

Kevin Callahan — President and Chief Operating Officer

Kevin has been in the warranty services business for more than 28 years.  Kevin began his warranty service career in 1992 with General Electric, in 1997 he co-founded Service Net Solutions, LLC and as part of an acquisition joined AIG Warranty Services in 2012. Over his 28 years, Kevin has held significant executive positions in both the administration and insurance functions of the industry. Kevin developed and managed programs focused on providing insurance and administrative programs and service for the world’s largest manufacturers and retailers. His focus at Hornbeam is to provide a nimble, flexible and innovative approach to the insurance needs of middle market clients.

Contact Kevin: kcallahan@hornbeaminsurance.com

Dan Tafel — Vice President of Business Development

Dan brings over 18 years of sales and marketing experience in the warranty services industry to Hornbeam. Prior to joining Hornbeam, Dan was Vice-President of Global Business Development of AIG’s Warranty Services business. Dan’s primary role at AIG was developing business models that aided multi-national clients with navigating the complex domestic and international regulatory and compliance landscape and implementing solutions that allowed the client to sell warranty services programs on an international basis. Additionally, Dan and his team managed the multinational clients on a day-to-day basis and provided guidance in helping the client meet their global service warranty strategy.

Contact Dan: dtafel@hornbeaminsurance.com

Chris Karo — General Counsel and Secretary

Chris brings over 13 years of experience in the warranty services industry specifically focused on the regulatory and compliance landscape.  Chris spent 7 years with AIG Warranty Service in the role as General Counsel.  Previously, Chris spent 7 years with Frost Brown Todd focused on providing guidance and counsel on service contract licensing and regulatory matters.  Chis will continue leveraging his expertise in the regulatory and compliance matters by aiding Hornbeam and our clients in navigating the complex and ever changing regulatory environment.

Contact Chris: ckaro@hornbeaminsurance.com

Julie Messer — Senior Vice President

Prior to joining Hornbeam, Julie spent 1 year with OnPoint Warranty and 15 years with AIG/Service Net (AIG acquired Service Net in 2012). Julie Served as Chief Customer Officer at OnPoint Warranty and VP of National accounts at AIG responsible for operational execution and growth of North America Service Warranty clients. Julie has been successful in partnering with OEMs, Retailers, and Service Companies to grow their service revenue and build brand loyalty with their consumers. She has also been effective in defining and executing strategy in system infrastructure, business processes, and vendor/client integrations. Prior to her experience with AIG/Service Net, Julie spent 4 years at Cintas Corporation in process improvement and project management for its distribution division for North America.

Contact Julie: jmesser@hornbeaminsurance.com

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Hornbeam Insurance Company is not licensed in all states. Please contact us for current license status and information regarding potential opportunities in your state.